September 23, 2009

You Have Really Nice ... TweetZ 2

  • @LauraLeuA letter from a debt collector is signed off "Very Truly Yours." They got that in reverse, because clearly, my ass is very truly theirs.
  • @funnyordieNo matter what you say to any animal, the only thing they're thinking is "Feed me, human."
  • @kenbakernowBilly Ray Cyrus got a haircut. Much shorter. Looks good. No mullet.
  • @jason_mrazAffirmation. I am the creator of my experience. Where I put my attention is the source of my experience. I love what I am creating now
  • @SarahKSilvermanHave caterpillars made a comeback a little bit? I've been seeing them around lately
  • @BillyBushMy thoughts on D Hough +partner. 1. Yes he thinks she's hot. 2. Of course he's tempted. It will take 2 seconds 4 rumors 2 begin. Predictable
  • @MissNickyHiltonCan't wait till Sunday for the Desperate Housewives season premiere! :)
  • @rPulseRT @djjoshk"I Like writing about other peoples drama, I don't want drama in my own life" - Perez Hilton LMAO
  • @heidimontag7 days until the new season of the Hills!!!! best season ever!