October 14, 2009

Ah, the Rutgers Grease Trucks

Even if you didn't go to Rutgers University, chances are you've still heard of the Grease Trucks. Strategically located on College Avenue near Voorhees Mall, these longstanding trucks have aided in the weight gain of thousands since the early 1980's.

For those who may not know - let me enlighten you. The Grease Trucks are where people go to get Fat Sandwiches. Please read that sentence over again. No wonder other countries make fun of Americas for their obesity. I ate FAT sandwiches from the GREASE trucks. I digress.

These fat sandwiches are loaded with a plethora of ingredients - all different, boasting the name of he who earned it. For instance, the Fat Darrell (my personal favorite) was created by a student by the name of Darrell Butler in 1997. It consists of - in ONE sandwich - chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries and marinara sauce. Since the creation of the ever-popular Fat Darrell, other sandwiches have been created, mainly by customer suggestion.

Now, there's another way to get a Fat Sandwich named after you...if you're up for the challenge. I thought about it briefly (um, just kidding) but decided eating FIVE sandwiches in a row would prove to be absolutely impossible. Yes, one has to eat five sandwiches within 45 minutes to have a Rutgers Grease Truck Sandwich named after them.

Enter: Man vs. Food host Adam Richman. He attempted to take the challenge and failed. FAILED, I say!
  • Man: 0
  • Grease Trucks: 4,839

This particular challenge episode will air Dec. 9 on the Travel Channel.