October 27, 2009

Child Pimps and Sex Slaves - REALLY?!?

HONESTLY, America makes me SICK sometimes. Aside from all the serious bullshit (you like that oxymoron?) of political issues - there seem to be all these other issues all over the nation that citizens just aren't aware of.

I read. A lot. And sometimes my reading takes me to news stories I'm just horrified to see.

The FBI reported on Monday that they have recovered 52 children and arrested 60 pimps in a nationwide sex trafficking prostitution ring. I MEAN, ARE WE SEROIUS HERE??? Who is having sex with small children - KNOWINGLY - like, as PROSTITUTES?

Apparently, child prostitution is a huge problem in the US. Since 2003, the FBI have recovered 900 children, resulting in over 500 conviction. DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS IS CRAZYTIMES? It's really big in Atlanta, where the arrests were made this week. It takes the cake for being the center of international and domestic child sex slavery and prostitution. The children come from broken homes which make them easy targets for pimps - who, get this - are also sometimes children themselves. WHAT HAPPENED TO PLAYING WITH BARBIE AND GI JOE? I'm seriously at a loss for words here. These prostitutes ranged in age from 12 and older. TWELVE!!!! The missing children will help close a lot of open cases and bring closure to their parents, I bet.

A statistic I read states: "It is estimated that within 48 hours of hitting the streets, one-third of runaways are lured into prostitution or pornography." You know what would have happened if I ever ran away from home? Within 48 hours, my dad would have found me and had me sent into the military.

Point blank.