October 27, 2009

Romantic Movies? GET REAL!

Romantic comedies are sooooo predictable. The sexes in my example are interchangeable, so for the sake of an easy read, I'll keep it one sided.

You know how those movies go. A guy really likes this girl and they go through trials and tribulations after moving in together. They realize they aren't getting along with each other and so they amicably part ways. She moves away to a town not far away, but obviously her boyfriend doesn't know where that is. Then something in the guy's mind clicks and he's like "NO! I'M IN LOVE WITH HER!!!" The girl has also realized that she misses her ex as well and everything reminds her of him. She retrains herself from going back to him because she assumes he's not going to be into her anymore.

So the boy is stuck with this feeling of "SHE IS THE ONE," only to have no clue where the eff to find her. After days or weeks - it all of a sudden pops into his head..."she loves the aquarium! of course!! that's where she is." And so he goes to the aquarium and like magic, the girl is standing in front of a dolphin tank just pondering life. Guy says romantic stuff to girl. Girl and guy get back together. Game over.

So I have some thoughts. First, I don't know if it's the detective in me or what - but I would have thought long and hard about where my Guy may be at and find him. Point being, it would take an epiphany weeks later. Second, cell phones, people - cell phones. And Facebook? I mean, cmon! Movies like this just can't happen anymore. We are living in a world where anyone can find anyone in a heartbeat. There's no falling off the radar anymore, people.

Yea, I can't be bothered with these flicks where I have to think "it's just a movie." I prefer storylines of plots that can actually HAPPEN...in REAL LIFE. That's why Twilight is so great!

And those are my thoughts.

i love how in movies, people get this sudden revaltation at the end about where their long lost love is ....
like, hi -- i would have already thought of every option on the plnet....