October 25, 2009

Creating a Fog Effect in your Halloween Punch

halloween punch fog
Many of you are having Halloween parties, as well you should be. Though it's my favorite holiday by far, I'm not really feeling it this year for some reason. The idea of coming up with a Halloween costume and purchasing all necessities seems too tedious to do sans automobile.

I digress. Today, you're going to learn how to make your Halloween punch look uber-spooky! The secret is: DRY ICE. Thanks to my friend at Drink of the Week, below are the instructions on how to make fog come out of your punch:
  1. Start with 2 punch bowls of different sizes. The smaller bowl will hold the actual punch while the larger bowl will hold the smaller bowl and the dry ice.
  2. With tongs or gloved hands (dry ice can freeze your skin) , place chunks of dry ice in the bigger container. Place the smaller bowl on top of the dry ice.
  3. There is no need to add extra ice to the punch as the dry ice will cool the punch nicely.
  4. Just before serving, pour some hot water over the dry ice. Continue to add hot water and dry ice as needed.
  • Be very careful when using dry ice! Handle only with tongs or heavy gloves!
  • Do NOT put the dry ice directly in the punch or touch it with bare skin. It Will Burn! Dry Ice should also NOT be ingested.