October 14, 2009

Mingle with Today's Zingle



  1. First name Eryn
  2. Location The lovely UWS
  3. Where are you from originally? Westchester the Bestchester
  4. What do you do for a living? Research Nerd. No, seriously…
  5. Night Owl or Early Bird? Early Owl?
  6. What do you consider your best attributes? Besides the best man voice this side of the Mason Dixon? I would have to say that I’m great at not taking life too seriously and doing everything with a smile (Best Smile Class of ’99 – woot!)
  7. What are the most important things you’re looking for in a person? Playfulness, spontaneity, honesty and humor. You only live once – make it amazing.

A LITTLE DEEPER (That’s what she said)

  1. How long has it been since your last relationship ended? A year.
  2. Have you ever been on a blind date? I’m pretty sure he was on me…. Too crass? JK – yes.
  3. What did you do last weekend? College football, brunch and Central Park. I love autumn!
  4. Do you believe the glass is half empty or half full? Always half full even on the emptiest days.
  5. If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions? Give, travel, give, travel, give and oh yea, travel.
  6. What would your closest friend say is your worst habit? I can be indecisive (read – down for whatever! I suppose that gets annoying…)
  7. Unexpected company drops by. Is your place neat but lived in, or “under construction?” Lived in but neat. Come by!
  8. In a disagreement, what’s the biggest priority: Mutual understanding, resolution, acceptance or identifying the issue Ha, all four, but not in that order.
  9. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? I would love to be living in another country traveling the world and enjoying life with someone wonderful. However, if I’m here I suppose being outfitted with the UWS uniform (a dog and a stroller) wouldn’t be too bad. But seriously, no rush on that. It will all happen when it happens!
  10. Who was your hero as a child? Man – there were many - my Dad, Strawberry Shortcake, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio a la Karate Kid. Seriously, I was obsessed), and E.T.
  11. What luxury item would you take on a desert island? A Learjet full of my closest pals (too much??)
  12. Favorite meal to cook? Oh God – does salad count??? I’m really not that boring, I just don’t cook as much as I should…
  13. Describe your perfect Sunday morning. Rolling over and remembering names! Just kidding – Waking up and road trippin’ it on outta here to wherever I end up. Oh yea, and what’s his name can come too!

Zlata's Thoughts on Eryn: Besides having BRAINS, this girl has beauty, an awesome personality and a hot body to boot. She has a great sense of humor and can go from serious to jokester in point 2. I can assure you going on a date with Eryn will leave you wanting more -- she's just AWESOME!