October 3, 2009

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 85

Below are the Facebook status updates that made the cut for October 3, 2009:
  • Do people just talk and then think????
  • hearts curry and absolut vodka martinis. :)
  • thinks good authors/books are as addictive as crack but not as readily available...I refuse to wait 6 more years for another amazing book!!
  • How come there are no chinese bands at chinese restaurants? they have mariachi bands at Mexican places! is the music not conducive to eating and drinking? discuss amongst yourselves....
  • is preparing to watch Rocky V as part of Encore's all day Rocky Marathon. I cannot believe I've actually watched the majority of them all thus far. Quality way to spend the day. Dragooooooooooo!
  • every wedding I go to, I'm the best man... it's just my cross to bear.
  • broke my glasses at rose bar then went with them to avenue. classic.
  • I love this one..."Celebrity is just obscurity waiting to happen." Think about it.
  • I think I just got a bit over excited in the fairway cheese section
  • you know your drunk when you have to text message with one eye closed.
  • She wanted a tip so I gave her the first inch she fell in love and I told her maybe this job aint for you
  • Pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger navigated his first flight Thursday, nine months after his "Miracle on the Hudson" landing - or as it's known among geese, 9/11.
  • Just alphabetized all of the books on my new bookshelf. Don't be jealous.