October 4, 2009

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 86

Here are the Facebook Status Updates that made the cut for October 4, 2009:

  • is very sad (and surprised) that he had to throw out his pumpkin already.
  • hearts Seth McFarlane's offensive genius.
  • Next time I get a bright idea of dragging my toddler to the outlets for the whole day - somebody, stop me!!!
  • Fun fact about Adam: #6047- When Adam makes a run to the neighborhood market chances are he's hungry, so he goes with purpose. He is in almost a frantic state. All he focuses on is feeding his fat face. He treats hunger like being stuck in tr...affic while having to pee. I advise, do not talk to him when he is in a full sprint to the store foaming at the mouth! Just don't do it.
  • Making my world famous chipotle steak & black bean chili. It's the first time I'm making it.. but it will be that good. World famous.
  • What if we discover that drum circles actually cause war? That would put a stop to that nonsense.
  • i'm too old to party like it's 1999
  • People in Southern California are so funny. Its like 70 degrees and the Boots are out in full force.
  • The worst thing about baby puke is how hot it is. Warmed by baby guts. Plus it tastes awful.
  • The only people who can wear Uggs & Crocs are tweens. That's it.
  • if napping were an Olympic sport, I would be on a Wheaties box right about now.loves that the JETS and SAINTS are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing Pink accessories (are they called accessories in football?)
  • has lived in Park Slope for two years, visit the Starbucks at least once a week...and JUST discovered the back garden seating.
  • wants to know who put five pairs of panties in his dryer. Did you absolutely need those particular pair dry, but didn't want to pay the $1.50? What's going on here?