December 15, 2009

A wedding band gleam ain't always what it seems

Single girls everywhere will tell you that when looking for a potential paramour, a man can easily be crossed off the "available" list by just a glance at their ring finger. If you recall, I wrote about this in depth a while back about a guy on the PATH station who I'd see like clockwork. Read: Should Put a Ring On it HERE.

Thinking about it now, women have an added obstacle: gay marriage. There are plenty of gay men who appear to be straight, act straight, etc. Well, now that gay marriages are legal in some states, a ring on a finger can mean he's taken -- but not by someone in your dating pool, so need you need not worry.

Like I was watching "The Sing-Off" tonight and I noticed a guy and thought, "he seems a little gay - wonder if he is." Then I saw a ring on his finger and thought, "oh no, he's married to a chick." but THEN I thought, "well, they ARE from California, maybe he's married to a dude."

And those are my thoughts on that.