December 4, 2009

What would it take for you to watch commercials?

With DVR and TiVo in virtually every household now, people don't watch as many commercials as they used to since like, they don't HAVE to.

But you know what WOULD make me watch commercials? If you can virtually add the items to a "wish list" so you can revisit and possibly get the item(s) later. Moreover, I think a better idea would be to be able to set your DVR or TiVo to RECORD whatever TV show they are commercializing. For instance, I was just watching live TV and there was a commercial for the Sing-Off or whatever the heck it's called. It's next week on ABC but that's all I remember. I don't want to have to remember when the show is, or go through my guide to set the DVR for it because it would just take too long. So I'll probably watch it if I remember. HOWEVER, should there be the option to SET TO RECORD straight from that commercial (like an option on your remote) then I'd be all set.

And those are my thoughts on that.