December 5, 2009

I'm deleting you from my Buddy List

I'm deleting you from my Buddy List. If I don't talk to you on it at least once a week, I'm not sure why you're even on there anymore.

Back in the day, AIM was a great stalking tool. I remember in college the days of putting up away messages that are akin to what the young people call "status messages" these days. You wanted everyone to know what you were doing, who you were with and always ended with "cell me if you want to meet up!" And of course there were those crazy people (not me, OBVIously) who would also use AIM away messages to stalk the opposite sex. "How long ago did they go idle?" ... "They're not idle anymore! I guess their back in their dorm!" ... "I can't believe they changed their preferences to NOT go idle after 20 minutes!!!"

But now, pshhhh - who needs that anymore? We have Facebook! Sure, when Facebook first started out, status messages were always similar to what one would say on an AIM away message. Status updates let people know "what we're doing." But over time, that changed. Facebook Status messages became a way someone could share their thoughts, a joke or perhaps a link. Don't you remember when Facebook changed that input box from "What are you doing?" to "What are you thinking?"

Yes, AIM away messages have been rendered useless. No one writes away messages anymore. Like, ever. Therefore, I'm deleting you from my Buddy List. No point in having you there if we don't actually use it to know, the original purpose of "instant messenger."