January 9, 2010

A Fashionable Closet!

Before making a move from Hoboken to New York City, I needed to clean out my closet. Bad. I gave away a lot of clothes - like, a lot. And now I feel like I have none. If I had known earlier about A Fashionable Closet, I probably would have done it!

With A Fashionable Closet - a wardrobe makeover with a personal touch, they work together with you to de-clutter your closet by carefully selecting those pieces that fit YOUR lifestyle and discarding what doesn’t.

The ultimate goal is for you to walk away with a renewed understanding
of your wardrobe and a clear idea on the pieces you need to purchase
moving forward. Because, let’s face it, you aren’t going to give up
shopping entirely but it’s probably a good idea to stop buying white t-
shirts when you already have 15 or so that never see the light of day!

A typical session with A Fashionable Closet organizer includes:

*A consultation to better understand YOUR lifestyle and needs
*An assessment of what relevant pieces will work for the long-term
*Unworn and unused items are carefully discarded. Clothing can be sent
to one of NY’s numerous consignment shops or the charity of your
choice. What better way to help out someone less fortunate while
clearing out the clutter that clogs your path to wardrobe clarity.
*Your closet space is re-organized so that you can begin to get the
best use out of your wardrobe. This includes:
*Sorting items by category, occasion and season
*Setting aside pieces that need a quick trip to the tailor or cobbler
*Then you closet is re-merchandised so you can easily see all that you
have with frequently worn items upfront, special pieces towards the
back, tops and sweaters neatly folded
*Upon completion, I will supply helpful tips on maintaining your
wardrobe makeover:
* Pieces to purchase to refresh your wardrobe
* Organizational systems you can easily implement

Pretty cool, right?!

For more information on rates and services, please contact Ariell at A
Fashionable Closet: afashionablecloset@ai-pr.com