January 10, 2010

People Watching at Bryant Park

I love to people watch. LOVE. In fact, when I go out to dinner, I can't sit facing the wall because I feel like I'm missing out on serious observations. That said, when I'm out on a date, I sit FACING the wall so I can really concentrate on what Date has to say. Fact.

So the other night I went out to Bryant Park to the skating rink to get some fresh air and watch people fall. This is a random blogpost, yes - but here are some of my obvservations:

  1. Couples. Watching couples ice skate is really adorbs to me. In each of the couples I saw, one person was NOT a good skater, while the other one was. It was really sweet to see how the better one was trying to hard to keep the not-so-good one on their feet instead of on their butt. There's just something really romantic about a couple holding hands and counting on one another for stability and support.
  2. Young girls. I remember when I was younger and going out with groups of friends. In the winter, my mother would tell me to make sure I was dressed warmly - hat, gloves, heavy coat. At the time, I didn't want to listen because who wants to be bundled up in front of boys after having bought a new outfit?? Well, now - you couldn't pay me to be out and about without 16 layers. However, these younger girls were skating without jackets! I couldn't believe it. Was I also that stupid? They were scantily dressed, tight shirts and tight jeans. Unbelievable.
  3. Fat people. I saw this fat kid on the ice. By kid, I mean he was probably 16 or 17. He was of the bigger variety. If I could ask him one question, it would be "Why do you think it's okay for you to wear skinny jeans?" I honestly have no idea how he even fit in these jeans - but there he was - a huge teenager wearing skinny jeans. I mean, WHAT?
  4. Really good skaters. At first, I thought, "Why would a good skater come here when everyone around them is a falling mess, mostly hanging on to the railing for support?" But after more observation, I was able to get an answer. I think it's actually fun for these amazing skaters to weave in and out of people who are struggling. I actually HATED those really great skaters because I was nervous they were going to brush up on me, causing me to fall over. But really, if I was a good skater, I would bust moves on the ice. I don't get why people just go round and round. How is that fun? DANCE. There's music on.
  5. Bad skaters. I saw this guy who kept falling down. Poor guy. But here's the kicker: he had a toothpick in his mouth (is that supposed to be cool?) But seriously, why do you have a toothpick in your mouth if you keep falling?
That's all.