February 24, 2010

American Idol | Top 12 Males

So tonight we have the men. Again, same situation people - I have NO clue what their backstories are -- and I'm going to have no patience for poor performances. My hand is on the remote and my finger is on the fast forward button (that's what she said.)

Todrick Hall, 24 - Arlington, TX
Singing: Since You've Been Gone
If you remember, he was the one who made up the song that is visible HERE. I'm really into this rendition of the song. Clever arrangement, but a little flat in the notes. I mean, it seems he's trying a little too hard. It doesn't even sound like the same song. I don't know if the judges will like it, quite honestly.
Ellen is up first and you can tell she's a huge fan. Though she didn't the singing was the best, she liked the arrangement. Randy is a fan, but doesn't think it sounds like the same song. I'm sorry people - did I not already say this? I'm on POINT with the judge skillz. Simon thinks he came across as a dancer trying to sing and did a horrific job with the arrangement. "You murdered the song."

Aaron Kelly, 16 - Sonestown, PA
Singing: Here Comes Goodbye
He's going home. I don't even need to listen to him sing. He's 16-years-old and doesn't even look like he's been through puberty yet. He's way too young and looks like a lesbian. K, that's just before I hear him sing. Yea, no. I'm fast-forwarding.

Jermaine Sellers, 27 - Joliet, IL
Singing: Get Here
Is he whispering? Is his hat seriously that small? Is his jacket equipped with curtails?
I'm fast forwarding. I mean, I don't understand how he made it through. Can someone explain to me how people who are actually BETTER than most, DON'T make it to the top 24, but someone like a Giant Gary Coleman.

Tim Urban, 20 - Duncanville, TX
Singing: Apologize
Aight - he's a cutie patootie. I'm into him. I don't get why he was let go but then brought back on? First of all, I love this song. He's very likeable, but I'm not entirely sure he's GOOD. He's really bad at hitting those high notes. No - he's not good. Officially. This was a horrific song choice for him.
Simon says "Congratulations on making it through again, but judging by that performance, we were right the first time by letting you go." He doesn't think his voice is good enough and if he gets through it's because he is likeable and looks good. See? That's what I said.

Is it weird that I want to see one of these boys cry?

Joe Munoz, 20 - Huntington Park, CA
Singing: Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz is not someone who is easily duplicated. This boy is doing a horrific job. This sounds like a broadway showtune. The arrangement sucks. His voice sucks. No no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

Tyler Grady, 20 - Nazreth, PA
Singing: American Woman
This is a little retro rocker who was given some Proactiv definitely. "I don't know what planet you're on, but I wanna get on it." - Kara. I'm into his look, let's see how he sounds. You know what? With an introduction that he had, I was expecting a LOT more than what I got in the first part of the song -- but once he started rockin' out, it was much better. That said, I'd leave him in until the next round (because he's been one of the best so far) but he needs a lot of work!
Simon thinks the performance is memorable, but not for the right reasons. He calls Tyler a cliche, who's gone to "Be a Rock Star school." I actually kind of want to go to that school. No but seriously, I feel what these judge's are saying - he needs to chill with the shtick. Show us the money.

Lee Dewyze, 23 - Chicago, IL
Singing: Chasing Cars
LOVE this song. He's hot. Yea, he's hot. So the singing is really good, I'd listen; to his album -- he'll be here tomorrow.
Ellen thought it was a good song choice, but he yelled a little too much. She loves the tone of his voice, nonetheless. "I sure hope people vote for you because I think you should stay here." Dawg's gotta disagree with E. He didn't like the song at all. Kara's opinion doesn't matter. And Simon thinks it's the best performance of the night.

John Park - Chicago, IL
Signing: God bless the child
Ok, first of all - I swear to you, I thought he wasn't singing in English as first. Is something wrong with his microphone? No - this is horrific. Not interested. WOW this is BAD. bad bad bad. are you serious??? GUYS - HOW DID THESE DUDS MAKE IT THROUGH? This season BLOWS. Pack your bags, John.

Michael Lynche, 26 - St. Petersburg, FL
Singing: This Love
He JUST had a baby. I don't know how I feel about that right now. Like, shouldn't he be home with this newborn? Or is it that he's doing it FOR his family? There are really two sides to this, man. He is nasally and doesn't look right with a guitar. I mean, at all. He sucked. I couldn't wait for it to be over (can't fast forward, I'm live now.)
Ellen is into him and I'm a bit surprised. No one else really liked his performance, but like HIM. Plus, they're comparing him to the other men, who were NOT good.

Alex Lambert, 19 - North Something, TX
Is he Adam Lambert's brother? Does he have a mullet? Does he look like Paul McCartney? He needs a makeover and he wouldn't look so bad. He sucks. Ugh, I'm over this season. I'm actually annoyed. I don't think I'll be watching anymore man.

Casey James, 27 - Fort Worth, TX
Singing: Heaven
He's HOT. His voice is amazing. He's going FAR. Honestly, there are already like only 6 people who are good out of all these 24 contestants.

I'm over this show, kind of.