March 1, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 105

  • The hardest part of shaving my head every 2 weeks is the decision to be Mr. T or Wolverine for 10 minutes
  • i think those people who refuse to get on facebook are on to something....
  • is happy to know that Apolo Anton Ohno can now be put away in his little box for another four years.
  • Spent the whole weekend being sick. My house looks like the heroin-kicking scene from Trainspotting, minus the ceiling babies.
  • As far as I can decipher it looks like The Marriage Ref picks up where those eHarmony commercials leave off
  • US pulls goalie and scores, then I pull my groin celebrating
  • Like an idiot, I accidentally put tin foil in the microwave today. The only upside: It reminded me of the Pink Floyd laser light shows of my teen years.