March 15, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 112

  • Power JUST came back on! Wow- I was really starting to get things accomplished---now here I am on FB instead of being productive!
  • is pretty sure the old Italian lady next door burned her peppers and eggs.
  • I think the Swine Flu jumped the shark when it changed its name to H1N1, kind of like J-Lo and Puffy, it should have went with something like the Virus formerly known as Swine
  • If everyones day started 2 hours later, the world would be a MUCH more productive place. Ditto for if we had scheduled nap time.
  • who had a more promising career, hot sundae or zack attack?
  • Give me a pound. Just touched down in Londontown. (Hehe) been waiting all week to say that
  • I'm not sure I understand the concept of A) showering the night before instead of in the morning and B) wearing cologne but NOT wearing deodorant. Or C) why they have to sit next to ME. Top of the mornin' to ya FB.
  • pse&g calls my house at 3am to tell me half of bergen county has no power!! R U KIDDING?????
  • wonders how you get a job to like test out hotels all over the world. Is that a job? I want it.
  • is confused - I always thought that term "housewife" assumes a woman who is married and stays at home... so, what's up with all these "real housewives" who are single and/or have jobs?! Shouldn't that, like, disqualify them from being on the show???
  • To Catch a Predator is hands down the creepiest show on tv
  • I live. I ride. I am really sick of that Jeep commercial jingle.
  • 350 pounder coming down the aisle...and an empty seat next to me...oh dear.