May 4, 2010

NJ vs. FL Round 5

In New Jersey, I was getting accustomed to Amber Alerts. You know, when there's a missing child. MySpace was good about posting these alerts - and sometimes they'd even come up in between commercials or before the news at 10pm. Anyway you saw them, you knew it was for a missing child.

Well, on the roads here in Florida, they have signs up above (similar to where NJ would warn you of bridge and tunnel traffic) with something called Silver Alerts. Never heard of this before? No?

Let me enlighten you: A Silver Alert is a public notification system to broadcast information about missing persons - especially seniors with Alzheimer's Disease, dementia or other mental disabilities - in order to aid in their return.

That's right. A Silver Alert notifies drivers of the lost Senior Citizen's car, license plate number, etc. so that we can bring this Oldie but Goodie back home, safe and sound.

Here's an idea: Re-Certify drivers when they get to be a certain age. I understanding seeing a Silver Alert once in a while, but there's a different one everyday! I just feel bad for these folks!!

So yea - Silver Alerts vs. Amber Alerts...Difference between New Jersey and Florida