May 28, 2010

RIP: Gary Coleman


It’s a sad day when someone famous from Hollywood dies.  That’s why I was really upset about Brad Renfro.  I get it. I’m insensitive. It’s a joke. Fuck off.

According to, the most reputable source for news, Gary Coleman’s wife, Shannon, made the decision to pull his life support early this morning.  As a result, at 2:05pm EST, Gary Coleman died of an intracranial hemorrhage.  It’s reported that family members and close friends were at his side when the life support was pulled.

Gary Coleman, 42-years-old, was rushed to a hospital in Utah after he fell and hurt his head.  He’s been on life support since Thursday.

Apparently, there will be a press conference at the hospital at 6:00pm EST time.  

I will wait 24 hours before I make jokes.

Rest in Peace, Gary Coleman.