May 28, 2010

We Don’t Pump Gas – Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

As MDW approaches, so does the excitement and anticipation of fist pumping, hair gelling, tanning and of course, laundry.
Though this person wishes to remain anonymous, I’d like to give them the BIGGEST PROPS for creating the fantabulous website.
WE DON’T PUMP OUR GAS is a brilliant website that allows YOU to upload photos of the BEST OF THE BEST that the Jersey Shore has to offer.
There are already some posted and they’re just HIGHlarious!
So enjoy the pictures during your bored weekdays at work this summer, just waiting for Friday to roll around.
Happy Almost Memorial Day Weekend, BENNY’s!!!
Glossin and Flossin ButtCheeksMcGee
MamasGlasses  what is this
Clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the site!
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