May 12, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 118

Andrew Goldstein Superbowl in New York. Apparently auditions for the halftime show were held on the 1 Train this morning. I'm looking at you hip hop gymnasts!

John Skelton I don't know what your problem is.....but I bet it's hard to pronounce.

John Skelton "Why don't you slip into something more a coma."

Revi Hay A word of advice: you are who your friends are, so when you hang around trash you start to stink...

Natalie Denisenko Grainger Can whip you up a feast but still can't figure out how to get batter into a cupcake pan without getting it all over everything

Todd Charity Just saw a sign for University of Phoenix - jersey city campus. Some things just boggle the mind.

Stephanie Moran Hahaha datz rite it is payday boo..u can have dat money boo cuz u a scrub just like ur man n neva guna have income..go get a job at mcdonald's bitch n take ur man wit u...ya'll niggas aint shit...

Stephanie Moran
ill be a fat bitch mama just remember ur MAN's dick is so fuckin little dat all u feel is air..and as for u mama u look like chewbacka on crack wit bald spots..get urself a makeover...ur nobody n neva be anybody..get on my level bitch..

Stephanie Moran
Hahaha just love it how lil ass bitches think dey da shit wen dere man has a lil ass DICK....bitch why don't u fix ur face completely..matter fact mamita ima give u money to get urself sum extensions for dat nappy ass head of ur's...ur dique man aint all dat n a bag of chips...he a scrub just like ur dirty ass just suck it easy my nigga..