May 11, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 117

Michelle Burgos Weintraub My poor black cat is on a mission to save the cat trapped in the oven. It's been weeks and she still doesn't know it's not a trapped cat, it's her reflection. It's so sad.

Mathew Reiffe nj transit raised the price of tickets yet my train is delayed and late pretty much everyday. hate you NJ transit.

Brittany Mendenhall I'm telling you, in a room full of gentiles I will ALWAYS fall for the jew. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? I'm getting tired of being the shiksa!

Brittany Mendenhall People need to understand favors work both ways. If I scratch your back..

Jen Khoury Uuuuuuummmmm, did I just catch the Slap Chop on Real Housewives of NJ?!?! Haha

Lauryn Kahn to Kevin Devine :
I just saw you on a repeat of "Cash Cab"!

Claudia Duque Is it me or do the Double Stuf Oreos absorb milk a lot fast than the regular Oreos..

Alex Blagg It's cute when celebz reluctantly join Twitter and can't resist making some kind of bodily-function pun w/ the word "Tweet".

Adam Clark Bologna is my caviar

Andrew Goldstein June edition of Playboy Magazine will have a 3-D centerfold. Great, I've always wanted to see a little bit of vagina in 3-D.

Alex Blagg Lifetime should rebrand as the Lifetime Broadcasting Company just so their tagline can be "There's so much drama on the LBC."