May 19, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 122


Allan Finn watching "The Hills" after "Lost" is like going from a chess tournament to a game of peek-a-boo with a retarded monkey

Pete Duca likes Dora...Stop fucking around and get a GPS.

Stephanie Moran LoOk aT mE BiTcH n lOoK aT u nOw TeLL mE u fUcKiN sMuT wHo's jEaLoUs oF wHo????

Stephanie Moran I gOt DiS BiTcH sHaKiN iN fEaR sHe qUiCk tO tALk sHiT yEt sCaReD tO cUm nEaR....LmAo...

Jen Khoury You know unemployment is getting to you when you start adding TV shows and movies to your 'to do' list and they're categorized as 'top priorities'. I meeeean....

Alison McGlone "no one is worth crying over unless they die" - Justin Misenas Rivera

Tara Lee Farney ok, I dunno, but when I hear Huey Lewis and the News, it just makes me happy. ESPESH when it's 'Do youuuu belieeeeeve in looove?'

John Skelton I love the feeling of paying bills to a zero balance. It's almost a skinny feeling.

Justin Misenas Rivera I want to marry you and have your children and fight with you and get divorced from you and still be friends with you and make your next partner jealous by our close relationship. Thats how much I love you.

Bryce Gruber I just hope that the magical men at the Apple store can fix the 2nd most important baby in my life.

Stephanie Moran so I'm here arguing wit my ex n he wants go n say dat ima "hippo" c'mon my nigga datz all u gotta say to me...ill be a hippo but at least I can lose da weight n move on..his girl's face CAN NOT be replaced...smfh...he mad cuz I got money n a car n he eatin plz grow da fuck up my nigga...ima shine to da top my nigga...

Stephanie Walter King of Queens is nothing at all like Qns... They're drinking beer and eating subs... Where are all the Europeans, Sunday brunch, little dogs, wine, espresso? Just saying.

Robert Enzo Crain The sauce, you can have. But the secret, she's a mine..

Andrew Gibbs Eww awkward moment of the day: Guy in the elevator tells woman with a dog that when it dies she should skin it and wear it as a fur coat. Who says that? The expression on her face was priceless.

Rob Iozzia If I had held my breath I'd have passed out by now

Stacey Rice when i told them this morning that i was working towards running a marathon in Jan, my fabulous friends informed me that it is common to "lose control of your bodily fluids" while running such long distances. is this true? because if so, it may be a deal breaker...