May 25, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention: 125


Anthony Crupi Whenever I see an old guy who is in really great shape, I’m always torn between admiring his commitment to staving off senescence and bodily decay and thinking that maybe he should be spending more time taking his grandkids to Hershey Park or the zoo and less time getting ripped at the gym. Muscle grandpas are the worst.

Zhanna Zonis just referred to herself in 3rd person during a conference call at work... and she totally blames her Facebook status update obsession for developing this habit!

Colleen Krenzer what's not to love about a man wearing tons of cologne in a stuffy old elevator on a hot NYC day.

Shilamida Kupershteyn Are the Jonas Brothers still virgins?

Ariel Port In the spirit of memorial day weekend... "The term BENNY originated from the letters of the train stations on the Jersey Shore line where annual toursit come down to the shore and mess up everything between Memorial day and Labor day. (B)ayonne (E)lizabeth (N)ewark (N)ew (Y)ork Locals can spot a BENNY from miles away."

Leonard Knirel The kids in Italy catch lizards, which a plentyfull here, and pull off thier legs before they singe them, much like American kids do with ants or spiders. Maybe it's just the Russian immigrant in me talking but...THATS NUTS!!

Suzanne Lyons Just checked in at...oh wait, this isn't Foursquare?

Leigh Rossini Never leave your facebook open in your office unattended

Kristen Crepezzi Chill out. I'm from Jersey. I got this.

Alex Blagg Stopped using FourSquare a month ago. Still manage to find meaning & purpose in each passing day, but who knows for how long.