May 18, 2010

TV TimeZ with a TwiZt

Personally, I’m really sick of Bret Michaels.  He wasn’t cool to me when he was a band member and he’s certainly not cool to me now.  I never jumped on the Rock of Love bandwagon (get it??) and wasn’t phased when he came up as a candidate for Celebrity Apprentice either. 

I will say, however, that I was sad to learn he was in the hospital. I don’t take this kind of thing lightly (especially with conditions that you can’t help – meaning, it’s not like he was in there for a drug overdose).  In any event, something’s gotta give.  It’s too much with the reality TV shows, no?

He’s now on the road to recovery and already he’s going to star in a new documentary series on VH1 called Bret Michaels; Life As I Know It.  The show is supposed to give viewers – what else – an “inside” look into his home life with his two daughters when he’s not on the road or partying (which he shouldn’t be doing ANYWAY).

VH1 will air an hour as a first-look into this series on May 31st at 10:00pm.  In true antagonizing form, the network has pushed back the rest of the full 10 episodes because of Bret Michael’s recovery schedule.  HOW THOUGHTFUL OF YOU GUYS.


ABC:  Dancing with the Stars, Lost, V
CBS: NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Good Wife
CW: 90210 - Finale
FOX: American Idol, Glee
NBC: Biggest Loser: Couples, Parenthood

**I missed the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night on account of a massive headache – will review tonight! **