June 8, 2010

NAACP Thinks Hallmark is Racist


I’ve started listening to Opie and Anthony in the morning on my XM (best thing ever) mainly because if I had to hear Drake or Katy Perry sing their two-hits-wonders again, I’d freak out on I95.

Today, they were talking about a story in the news about the NAACP and their claim that a Hallmark card is racist.  Watch here first, then let’s dissect, shall we?


Now, the whole card’s THING is about graduation, taking over the solar system, and how “black holes” should watch out.  Apparently, African Americans are taking concern with their interpretation of the card, “Black Whore” or “Black Ho”.  OK. Really?!?!    I mean, listen to it again – it’s QUITE OBVIOUSLY “Hole” and WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH would Hallmark EVER put out a card that says “Black Whore”.  Furthermore, any educated person would put two and two together when thinking of the solar system THEME of the card and the words black hole.  WHY would anyone think otherwise unless they were ignorant?

I’m in shock that the NAACP didn’t tell this complaining woman to just fuck off – because advocating organizations such as this one should literally pick their battles.  (I feel this way about PETA and other organizations as well.)  It’s just BEYOND me why anyone would jump on the bandwagon and say, “Oh yea, that really IS a racist card.”  Like, IT’S NOT.  Find something better to do with your life.

FURTHERMORE, a statement from Hallmark should have went something like, “Dear NAACP, are you crazy? Why would we do that? We’re HALLMARK.  We love EVERYONE.  Our offices have rainbows and clouds all over them. Read the fucking card.  Then read a fucking book about the solar system.  Then read the fucking card again.  THEN listen to the audio.  THEN come back to us.”  But no – they are apologizing and PULLING THE CARD off the shelves!!!  I mean, WHY make this a race issue when there is clearly a NON-issue here?  It’s infuriating.  No one is making fun of “blackness” – I mean honestly.

Also, please listen closely again from minutes 1:27-1:29 when it sounds like the news reporter is saying “card [n-word]” as opposed to “card maker”, which is what she was obviously saying.  Now THAT sounds more like the bad word than the hole/whore situation.

And those are my thoughts on that.