June 16, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 139


Anna Battiloro Is on the train listening to some Biatch talk on the phone about how ridiculous it is that her boyfriend had his mother plant a garden for her in her ditch of a backyard. People are so ungrateful! If someone surprised me and decided to do work around my house I'd marry them!

Alan Danzis How do I know I came home late? Tomorrow's newspaper is already outside my hotel door...

Nick Ragone Helping Frankie rehearse his lines for the school play tomorrow ... trying to get him to deliver it like Brando in the Godfather. Should go over well

Colleen Krenzer witnessed beautiful moment as a father walked his young daughter down 7th Avenue, dropping f-bombs as nouns, adjectives and adverbs. Brought a tear to my eye...

Jessica Miller stuck in florida working.... on my tan

Andrew Goldstein I can confirm the rumors that Brian Austin Green has proposed to Megan Fox. Heard him announce it on his morning radio show at West Bev. High.

Chris Morran does not get -- and therefore doesn't like -- the following: Foursquare; Reddit; Boston; Starbucks; Bravo; Soccer; Jorge Posada; Tumblr; Bing; Lime beers; Jeff Foxworthy

Bethenny Frankel so...what Skinnygirl Flavors do you want after Mojito? Ice Tea Vodka? Cosmo? Vodka Lemonade? Other suggestions? I leave it to you guys!

Evan Goldstein just ran naked through hoiuse to get cell phone from kitchen... consider I am 6'2" and having all the windows at waist height I maybe should have grabbed some pants.

Michelle Burgos Weintraub Finally watching 'Little Darlings'. Matt Dillon, how old are you? Why are you in every movie?