June 17, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 140


Colleen Krenzer If you're going to go commando, please make sure the dress is long enough to cover the junk in the trunk.

Doug Budin embracing California by taking Hudson to the dog psychic today.

Zhanna Zonis Discovery of the day: If you memorize the conference call number and the access code - you can call in directly from your car, and if you manage to speak in a normal tone of voice as you are cutting off other drivers and trying to beat traffic - no one ever has to know that you overslept like crazy and didn't get into the office until 10 am!!!

Lainie Goldenberg why do i still like milli vanilli?

Cristina Everett visiting the plantation house where Allie lived when she first met Noah in The Notebook. hoping there's a shirtless Ryan Gosling look-a-like chopping wood nearby

Jack Curley, a priest, and a rabbi walked into a bar. The priest and rabbi were never heard from again

Caroline Di Vita Ok.. I work for a French company so half my co workers are in our cafe watching France play soccer. That's fine and all but the next Yankee day game I'm doing the same thing... F THAT

Doug Budin grappling with the news that the dog psychic said Hudson is a jock, wants to "hang out at the beach" and meet more girls

Alan Danzis In the George Lopez entourage, there is a Guy carrying nacho chips for him.