June 21, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 142


Mike Sumulikoski it didnt look good the first 5 years, tell me how the blowfish-face pose is still around??

Andrew Goldstein Vanessa Carlton revealed this weekend that she's bisexual. Your move, Michelle Branch!

Drew Elliott I wish email was like bbm and you could see when people actually read your message. That "caught in my spam" wouldn't work

Casey Brennan O'Hanlon I sweat Marshall Mathers. Hard.

Jack Curley can believe it's not butter, but he plays along so it doesn't look

Lara Lauchheimer is the last person to still use AOL

Mark Marino Amanda Bynes quits acting at 24 -- and it's on CNN:http://bit.ly/9IzQXW

Stephanie Moran livin life day by day n not beat for ppl lately..im doin me n not givin a damn wat anybody got to say...lovin my kids n datz it...

Andrew Goldstein This Kaka guy is a real shit-starter.