June 29, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 144


Sampson Leigh I'm so game I'm like ESPN Classics.

Joey-lyn Addesa please note: bedazzling your fitflops doesn't make your feet look any less frankenstein-on-the-beach.

Brian John Kniffel drinks wine coolers because it's like wine, but cooler.

Zlata Faerman ill give him a fucking learning disability - Dayna, on Albie Manzo

Megan Brown so a woman on the subway says to me, "Damn, you are REALLY PALE, do you ever go outside?" Am I really supposed to answer that, I mean come on?!?!

Colleen Krenzer Fairly certain that the rule book of locker room behavior would put taking up all the counter space to color your hair in the "not cool" category.

Lauryn Kahn If you don't love every second of this music video...kill yourself, seriously. [insert Michael Bolton video of “Said I Loved You But I Lied]

You know what? Fuck it – let’s end this blog with Lauryn Kahn’s favorite video of the day – enjoy!