July 1, 2010

FL vs. NJ – Round 10


I don’t understand Tanning down here.  I really, really don’t.  I capitalize “Tanning” because it’s SUCH an important part of people’s lives.  But what I don’t understand is – why?  YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA! 

First off, I find it ridiculous that the cost of tans is so pricey down here.  Since we’re traveling to Jamaica, and my boyfriend burns easily, I told him it might be a good idea to get a bit of a base tan before we head down.  The price per tanning session is close to $20.  I mean, that’s a bit crazy, no?  Secondly, the government is now TAXING tanning down here!  You now HAVE to pay 10% tax for the use of a tanning bed.  Apparently, the government thinks it will help reduce the number of people who go tanning, thereby reducing the occurrence of melanoma.  Right, and raising the cigarette tax reduces the amount of people smoking and the amount of lung cancer?  Get a clue.  Not gon’ happen.

But back to the issue here – WHY DO PEOPLE IN FLORIDA GO TANNING REGULARLY?  Go to the fucking beach and call it a day.