June 22, 2010

TV TimeZ and Casting CallZ


Casting Call: Audition dates are set for the 10th anniversary of FOX's American Idol beginning July 17 in Nashville. Other dates and cities for American Idol auditions are July 21 in Milwaukee; July 26 in New Orleans; August 3 in East Rutherford, NJ; August 11 in Austin; and August 19 in San Francisco. In addition, American Idol is expanding the age range of participants to 15 to 28 years old for men and women eligible to work in the US. Some restrictions apply, it is best to visit americanidol .com for more information.



ABC:  Wipe Out [premiere ], Downfall [premiere ], Primetime: Mind Games [premiere ]
FOX: Hell's Kitchen
NBC: Losing it with Jillian, America's Got Talent