June 10, 2010

Young Girl Says 'Cunt' On Today Show

Kayla Manson, a 13-year-old, appeared on the Today Show this morning to discuss her friend being beaten up – ahem ATTEMPTED MURDER -  over text messages.

This is UNBELIEVABLE.  Watch the video:

  I truly cannot believe THIS is what goes on in schools today.  KIDS getting beat up over TEXT messages? I mean, are you for real?  

As far as the "cunt" part, it's bleeped out in this video, but wasn't on live air, and is at 4:21.  After Kayla repeats the text message out loud, using the word "cunt" Meredith scolds her a bit saying "We have to be careful of language."

Ok Meredith - like this 13-year-old snot knows anything about FCC rules.  YOU'RE the one with the transcript in front of you, what the fuck did you think she was going to say?  Honestly.  I can't.