June 9, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 135


Allan Finn The new Karate Kid has Will Smith's son playing in the starring role. Well, I for one, am glad that kid is finally getting to experience some good fortune in his life.
But at least he knows a thing or two about "wax on, wax off." He's been watching his father's chauffeur hand-wash their Bentleys for years now.

Nick Ragone At the airport in Dussledorf headed back home ... I think I saw Val Kilmer, tho I'm told everyone in Germany looks like Val Kilmer ...

Kelly Gurwitz New Zero Tolerance Policy: I am tired of people FMLing... what is that? Its always over the smallest things or stupidity/ not learning the lesson. As of today, anyone who "FMLs" is being removed. Negativity and weakness will not be tolerated. Thanks have a great day!

Jack Curley believes that children are our future. That's why he buried a time capsule filled with babies in his backyard

Brian Clancy Ever notice how irons have a setting for permanent press? I don't get it.

Joey-lyn Addesa the path train after 10pm during the week is half workaholics and half alcoholics

Anthony Iler borderline impossible to stick to a diet when your entire town smells like baking cookies....

Andrew Goldstein Sooooo what you're telling me is "VanDerSloot2010" is NOT a good screenname for JDate?

Jared Kahn students don't fail, teachers do.

Paula Froelich BP now saying they will do top fill again. I think we should all dig deep in our drains, clean our brushes and send our hairballs to Tony Hayward, c/o BP Corporate Headquarters. 2201 N Central Expy ... Houston, TX. 11130

Alex Addison has decided to just add some more FB friends from the SHHS class of 2000 instead of going to the 10-year reunion

Peter Habegger If your spacebar breaks, it's pretty much game over.

Brian John Kniffel Is learning how to live his life via www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com

Colleen Krenzer guessing the guy out walking his dog this morning wishes he had checked his plastic baggie for holes before leaving the house.

Josh Beckerman Ok, who wants dinner tonight at Meatpacking district spot Paradou?! It's on me. Preferably a single female.