July 14, 2010

America’s Fattiest Foods – Fat Darrell


So ABCNews put out an article about America’s Fattiest Foods.

Of course, since they’re examining foods from all over the country, I really didn’t expect to see anything of familiarity.  That is, until I remembered I went to Rutgers University. 

Here’s what ABCNews reports about one of my most beloved sandwiches on the planet:

RUTGERS FAT DARRELL – Grease Trucks, baby!!

“Next up is a contender that calls another state that recently made the 10-healthiest states list home, as the sandwich lovingly known as the Fat Darrell at New Jersey's Grease Trucks takes center stage. The sandwich -- a staple of famous Grease Trucks on the campus of Rutgers University -- is named after then-sophomore Darrell W. Butler, who wanted to combine all of his favorite ingredients into one terrifying sandwich. The Fat Darrell is chockful of fried delights such as chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, French fries, lettuce, tomato all encased inside a giant roll. Not surprising that all told, the ingredients are worth an estimated 45 grams of fat.”

Talk about the freshman 15.  I must have eaten around 15 of these sandwiches throughout my four years at Rutgers.  Maybe more.  Actually, probably  more. Probably much, much more and I was too wasted to remember.