July 14, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 148


Alex Blagg Hate when there's just enough cereal left in the box that I'm forced to have a crazy big bowl of it. (JK, I love that.)

Brian Link it was recently pointed out to me that "the los angeles angels" translates into "the the angels angels"

Michelle Burgos Weintraub How I know I'm a dork-
Guy: I'll see you later, I'm going to Brooklyn.
Me: Watch out for that tree.

Marc Malkin picture it: bristol & levi's wedding. Moose as
main course. Married by Ann Coulter. Rifles engraved w/bristol &
palin's wedding date 4 guests

Anthony Crupi Any of you nerds know how to convert a snippet of one of Mel Gibson's batshit phone rants into a ringtone? I really want my iPhone to scream "but you will blow me first" whenever Amex calls.

Zhanna Zonis had to go into a McDonald's for the first time in years (emergency bathroom stop) - the smell alone was enough to make me physically ill, no joke! And I used to actually ingest this stuff?!

Dorothy Robinson I'm very saddened to tell those who have been following Dorothy's Pigeon Watch 2010 that it looks like Ethel the pigeon has laid two dud eggs. I'm giving her the weekend and then I'm going to throw them away so she can stop sitting on them and get on with her life of scavenging pizzas and pooping on things.

Frank J Castillo Karaoke is Japanese for "tone deaf".

Jack Curley used the sentence "Hitler tried to friend me on Twitter" today

Joshua Nolan The BEER is HERE!!!! Love having a keg-o-rator in my office. Who's brilliant idea was that? Oh yeah.. it was mine.