July 30, 2010

Kim G Needs to Recognize

If you watched the Bravo After-Show on Monday, you know Bethenny Frankel has some ill-feelings towards Kim G’s place on the show.  Kim G. was never really casted for the Real Housewives of New Jersey and basically just weaseled her way in.  Nonetheless, she provides some classic entertainment. 

Next week, she’ll be fighting with Danielle, as their friendship finally implodes and Kim G. finally explodes.  I don’t LIKE Kim G. per se, but I think she’s been quite patient with Danielle because I would have already told her off.  Here’s what we have in store for us!

We’ll also be seeing Dina Manzo (yay!!!) as she’s back as the Godmother for Theresa’s youngest daughter’s christening.  Love the D.Manz.

Love me some Real Housewives of New Jersey!