July 30, 2010

Some Facebook Status (and Jersey Shore) Updates Are Worth a Mention: 154


Michelle Burgos Weintraub Who wants to have dinner and plan my future? Anyone? Hello?

MaryKaye Daniels As i ran to catch a cab this morning I heard "mommy! that lady just stepped on my ladybug and killed it!" and he burst into tears. I kept walking and acted like I knew nothing. Is this now going to be bad karma for moi? I felt terrible.

John Skelton A mostquito just bit me. And then keeled over.

Michael Genovese What's worst than a married couples joint facebook account?

Minna Urrey Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important.

Alan Danzis The rumors are true. I AM in the running to be the next judge on American Idol. (MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD)

Michael Dorfman is on his way to Nazareth. I know there is someone famous from here... I just can't remember who it is.

Anthony Crupi Kind of weird how there are so many people who bear a strong resemblance to a horse and yet I've never once seen a horse that looks like a person.

Katie Lynn tried to use her Macys card in Nordstroms.. Had no idea I was in Nordstrom though I was in Macys the whole time..Its been a long couple of days lol

Donna Hanover In case you were wondering, this is how you say "bite my shiny metal ass" in Italian: "baciate il mio scintillante fondoschiena metallico..."



Alejandro Maldonado I'm Guilty myself but so are ALL OF YOU! I watched it...MIAMI GONA BE CRAZY!!

Brendan Nagle The "Jersey Shore 2" was even better then I imagined it would be!!! This will be a great season!!

Megan Kustra ‎"I feel like a pilgrim from the frickin 20's..."

Stacey Rice ‎"fried pickles are a life changing experience" –Snooki

Joey-lyn Addesa feels like a pilgrim from the 1920's right now.

Brianne Bartlett DeLucca I'm sorry but the shelf falling in the closet with J-Woww was HILAAAARIOUS

Bryan Lubliner Saw my first and last episode of Jersey Shore tonight.

Susie Peters i'd like to thank mtv for that quick edit to the boys cab during jersey shore tonight. turned my week right around.

Anna Battiloro Wow, that Jersey Shore episode sucked, but I'll watch it every week just to see Sammy get torn apart by JWoww.

Danielle Harth Cervone Joisey Shaw!! Angelina you goin about it allll wrong and Sammy you look great forget Ronnie!! can't wait for the craziness!

Maggie Treimel i feel like a pilgrim from the 1920's.........

Jennifer Demarchi Just finished watching Jersey Shore from the Jersey Shore with my teen posse. Tomorrow we make Seaside our Bitch.

Becky Salman ‎"I AM TAN AND I LIKE TO BE TAN, BITCH!!!!"

Dana Beringhelli ‎"Mccain would never put a tax on tanning...bc he is pale and wants to b tan.....obama doesn't have that problem" - gotta love snookie

Peter Habegger Only one word can describe my excitement for Jersey Shore season 2. And that is TOTALLYAMPEDRIGHTNOW!!!!!