July 16, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 149


Mickey Boardman says it's hard to put together a fancy look on a sweltering day. But where there's a will there's a gay

Marina Rapoport I was sad because I didn't have shoes... Until I met a man who had no feet

Lisa Tucci How you know your hearing isn't so good: When a 90 year old woman, about 50 feet away from your car, tells you that you need to lower your music, but you think it's not loud enough

Leonard Knirel I am on the 81st floor of the Empire state building. All the projector lights here have dozens of dead lady bugs, just lady bugs! why are lady bugs chillin on the 81st floor? Lady bugs and 81st floor i just dont get it!

John Skelton I need to subscribe to Bear Magazine. STAT

Chantal McLaughlin just saw a pregnant woman smoking. Wow. Am I right to pass silent judgment?

Adam Lazzara Something tells me that Mel Gibson was not hugged enough as a child...

Anthony Crupi Reading censored transcripts of the Mel Gibson phone call rants is like being a contestant on a really fucked-up episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Rhiannon Rae Ellis note to Netflix: Dark Humor and Black Comedies are not the same thing

Lauryn Kahn Oh so you're gonna just switch out the Orbit's girl like no one noticed. It's like Roseanne all over again when they switched Becky! Or Fresh Prince when he got a new Aunt! How dareeeeee you.