July 18, 2010

FL vs. NJ - Round 11

Yep - we're on Round 11 and still no KO.

The other night I was preparing dinner - a dinner that required the use of the stovetop, naturally.  In Florida, there are absolutely no gas stoves.  That's right, they are all electric.  Now, while the look of the appliance is both chic and modern, I learned a few nights ago that looks ain't shit.

After I was done making dinner - hell, even after I was done eating - I went back to the kitchen to clean up.  I took a paper towel, wet it, and made my way over to the stove for a wipe down.  You know what happened next?  I burned my fucking fingertips - that's what happened.  The stove was STILL piping hot and I heard the "tsssss" of the wet paper towel against the burning hot stove.  Ok?

I proceeded to sit in front of the TV holding an ice pack for about three hours after that.  Good times.