July 22, 2010

TV TimeZ with a TwiZt


Master illusionist, Criss Angel returns for a sixth season on A&E Network when a new season of Criss Angel Mindfreak begins August 4 at 10p. Throughout six one-hour episodes, Criss Angel attempts more death-defying escapades including a jump across the Grand Canyon on a high-performance hybrid motorcycle.

FOX continues to search for an American Idol judge replacement to succeed Simon Cowell and singer Chris Isaak appears to be in the running. As American Idol begins preliminary auditions for the tenth season, Isaak has apparently met with FOX twice. Isaak is best known for his 1989 hit song "Wicked Game" and appearances in TV series such as Eastwick, Cold Case, Smallville and a starring turn in the Chris Isaak Show for Showtime.  If that’s the case and this guy is the person to take Simon’s seat, you may as well throw this show in the trash.  Honestly.  NO ONE beats Simon – so already, you can expect to have less people watching this show.  That’s first.  Second, Chris Isaak?  Really?  C’mon. FOX, you’re better off getting Spencer Pratt to judge.

TLC is working with producer Stiletto Television on a new reality special about taxidermy that will serve as a backdoor pilot for a future series. The yet-to-be-titled one-hour project is scheduled to air this fall and will meet several different taxidermists from around the country and look at their projects from domestic pets to an African elephant.  What the FUCK is this?  I’m serious. WHAT IS THIS SHOW?  This is the craziest concept I’ve ever heard of.  I hate TLC for this.