July 28, 2010

The Virginity Hit. Realer than Reel


Will Ferrell's The Virginity Hit Reaches Out To Helpless VirginsEnter: Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, the hilarious producers of their newest secret project: The Virginity Hit.  First announced at Comicon this past weekend, the film is dubbed an “American Pie for the viral age”.  An instant classic, this flick is THAT real, you’ll feel like you’re watching a documentary of actual high school kids.


The Virginity Hit is about a group of four high school friends who make a tradition of smoking the reefer after each of them loses their virginity – ahem – The Virginity Hit.

I can only imagine the hilarity this film will entail.  “It’s like basically an improv – the four people were brought in together to make this movie and they actually became friends – it’s really hysterical,” said an insider.

Well, sign me up!  I can’t wait to see it.  Too bad we can’t make the movie interactive and take hits with the “virgins-no-more.”

Coming out in September, you’re welcome to watch the trailer, like – NOW: