August 3, 2010

Bill Cosby is NOT dead!

Bill Cosby is someone I feel is very near and dear to me.  Sure, I don’t know him personally, but I like – KNOW him as Dr. Huxtable … and Dr. Huxtable is immortal. 

Aside from that show basically putting me to sleep every evening (Thank you, Nick at Nite) – I really just feel this odd bond to Heathcliff – almost because my dad has that same sarcastic sense of humor.  Additionally, there’s a running joke amongst my friends that I talk/act like him when I’m overly-intoxicated.  So be it.

I digress.  In a fourth hoax instance, Twitterverse rumors insisted the legend comedian died (at the age of 79.)  Bill Cosby, a recent Twitter-user himself, is not only very-much alive, but also made sure to contact CNN to help him get the word out.

Don’t FUCK with the J-E-L-L-O!  PUDDING POP!


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