August 24, 2010

Is Chanel out of their mind?

I’m in an upcoming wedding where the bride has asked us to wear pearl jewelry.  No problem.  Well, slightly – I have no pearl jewelry.  No problem, I’ll buy some.  A while back, I saw a really gorgeous Chanel pearl bracelet that I was very close to buying, but didn’t  -- and now I can’t find it anywhere.  Shame on me. 

Anyway, the other day, I was online trying to find the bracelet again, thinking that perhaps it’s somewhere hidden amongst the plethora of shopping websites.  Alas, I didn’t find it.  BUT what I did find is some ludicrous bullshit.  The below bracelet.  Completely made of PLASTIC.  Fully, legit.  Flat out plastic, is over $1,000.  I cannot handle this.  Is Chanel out of their mind?  Discuss.

CHANEL -  Plastic Bangle in Black