August 23, 2010

Movie Review: The Other Guys – Plus Interview with Director Adam McKay!

I went to see The Other Guys last Saturday night because 1. I love Adam McKay flicks and 2. I love his assistant, my best friend, Lauryn Kahn. 

This movie had me laughing out loud for pretty much the entire duration.  I did cry at one point, and that’s when Will Ferrell gives a shout out to “Fair Lawn, NJ”.  I’m not sure if it was because my sweet hometown made it on the map or because my friend was the catalyst for such a triumph – but I sobbed like a baby.  Honestly. 

The writing in The Other Guys is literally joke after joke.  I don’t know whether to take Will Ferrell seriously (his character is stone-faced the whole time) or laugh at Mark Wahlberg’s obvious attempts not to break character.  The duo are hilarious on screen and off screen, apparently.  From what I learned, Mark is a really funny guy, obsessed with a water he sponsors called Aqua Hydrate.  You’ll never see him without it.  If you watch Entourage, you’d have noticed his plug for it on last week’s show!

I texted Lauryn my thoughts throughout the entire movie, since I obviously had not only thoughts, but also questions.  She was patient and fed off my enthusiasm.  Thank you, Lauryn.  Fun Fact 1: When the Aussie is watching the Japanese Porn at his desk, that’s actually Lauryn’s voice Fun Fact 2: Jared Kahn (her brother’s) music in the background.  Fun Fact 3: Danielle Franco, Fair Lawn High School Class of 2000, appeared in a cameo for the film, but was later (sadly) cut.

And now, for my interview with film director Adam McKay

ZlataThoughts:  If you had to point to “Fair Lawn, NJ” on a map of New Jersey, could you do it?

McKay: I would look around Mount Clair? Is that close? I grew up in Philly so I have some limited Jersey knowledge. 

ZlataThoughts:  Were there any hidden messages throughout the movie? For instance, I noticed Will’s glasses were skewed just slightly the whole movie.

McKay: When Mark is drinking beer with Ferrell by the water, he’s drinking a Laughing Clown Malt Liquor, which is the beer Ricky Bobby drove for in Talledega Nights.  Also, there’s a Cobra poster in Wahlberg’s apartment…I’m sure there are others but off the top of my head, those are the ones I remember.

ZlataThoughts:  If I opened your glove compartment, what would I find?

McKay: Air freshener, cause I smoke and I have young daughters. So, it’s a constant battle of guilt ridden cover up.  Also, the manual for my Prius, which I have never once looked at.

ZlataThoughts:  Do you read any “gossip/news” websites? If so, which is your favorite?

McKay: Huffington Post is my one stop shopping site for politics, sports and gossip. And yes, occasionally I dive into the garbage filled pool that is gossip.  Huff Post will also just flagrantly post pictures of Christina Hendricks for no reason at all and there’s no way I’m not looking.

ZlataThoughts:  When you’re out shmoozing, what is your drink of choice?

McKay: I’m not much of a schmooze, but if I’ve got a dinner business meeting, I’ll have sparkling water and maybe a glass of wine.  However, for non-business dinners, I’ll have three glasses of wine or a gin and tonic.

ZlataThoughts:  What is your favorite reality TV show and why?

McKay: I Survived.  It’s straight to camera first person accounts from people who barely escaped natural disasters, attacks or weird accidents.  It’s hardcore no frills.  I can’t stop watching.  Last episode featured a 55-year-old nurse who killed a hammer-wielding attacker with her bare hands!

ZlataThoughts:  What song were you SURE you wanted in the film?

McKay: Maggie’s Farm by Rage Against the Machine.  That song smokes.

ZlataThoughts:  Is there anyone in Hollywood you would REALLY love the chance to work with?

McKay: David Lynch is my all-time hero. I also love Michael Moore, but have worked with him[already].  I love Paul Auster, too.  Would love to get a drink [with him].

ZlataThoughts:  What substances (books/TV/pot/websites/etc.) really facilitates your creativity? Basically, WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS SHIT?

McKay: Diet coke and American Spirits Ultra Light. But truth is, less I smoke, the sharper I am.

There you have it!  See the movie. It’s awesome!

A special thanks to Adam McKay for answering my questions while away on vacation!  Thanks, McKay. And a special thanks to Lauryn Kahn for, well – for being her.