August 9, 2010

Perez Hilton to Appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

You know – it’s like, I dig Jimmy Fallon.  I gave the guy a shot for the first few weeks of his show’s premiere because 1. I thought he had potential and 2. I used to bone the guy writing jokes for him.  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in my opinion, was too gimmicky, and I personally didn’t think Fallon did good job commandeering the show.  However, after a few months, the show (and my affinity for The ROOTS) started to grow on me – and now I watch the show more often than not.  The writers do a really good job entertaining the audience with life’s happenings and not so much the “Jokes-Guest-Guest-Music” format we’ve been used to.

Now I read that Perez Hilton, the ultimate fame whore, is set to appear on the Late Night talk show tomorrow.  This type of news makes me ill.  I cannot wait to see what this d-bag has to talk about.  I wonder what Fallon thinks of Perez.  From like a human-to-human stance.

Jimmy – anything?