August 9, 2010

A Gamer Dating Site

When I was single, I was avid dater. I didn’t hate on dating websites and even took part in the whole online dating thing.  In determining compatibility, obviously common interests are a big thing, right?  Lesson learned when my ex-boyfriend was doing triathlons and I was sitting on the couch eating Doritos. 

In any event, I’d like to introduce a new dating website I just found out about:  Gamer or not, anyone can visit the site and browse the profiles for free.  Since the site is still in beta, in due time – I’m sure it will start to charge.

Gamerdating says: “If you’re a Gamer who knows they’re one for life, and wishes to meet other Gamer’s for a potential partner, we’re the site for you!  Gamers who love Gamers?  That’s us!”

So, Alan Danzis and Joe Gallo – get on it!