August 22, 2010

Real Housewives of NJ: Scenes from tomorrow's finale episode!

Another season, another spectacle.  To be perfectly honest, I'm quite sad that the Real Housewives of New Jersey will no longer be on TV after tomorrow's finale episode.  Things were just starting to get really good, IRL (in real life).  Theresa's gone bankrupt, Danielle is not coming back on the show and I am really interested in what skin regime Kim G uses since her face looks quite soft.  There are just SO many unanswered questions.  Clearly, I'm hoping Andy Cohen, my least favorite person on the planet, will touch upon some of these issues on the reunion show next week.

For now, enjoy some scenes from tomorrow's finale episode courtesy of BRAVO!

After getting wrapped up in the Danielle drama for way too long, Caroline is ready to take a stand. Wanting to support her family and friends, especially Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley, who is in jeopardy of having the hair-pulling incident on her permanent record, Caroline is ready to meet the enemy face-to-face.   Danielle, still claiming to be the victim of all Housewife drama discusses who is behind the attacks with her partner-in-crime Danny.  Will Caroline’s attempt to get rid of Danielle finally work or are we in for another table-flipping situation?