August 21, 2010

Jersey Shore for Halloween

Sure, maybe it's too early to think about Halloween - but it's never to early (in the day) to be swooning over the Jersey Shore cast.  I just love them to pieces!  Thanks to Costume Craze, you can now part with the McCain/Palin getup and get down with some Jersey Shore costumes!

Mike "The Situation"

Mike "The Situation" Part 2

DJ Pauly D

DJ Pauly D Part 2
If you're a true Jersey Shore-er, like the kind that can be seen here: - then you can just rummage through your closet for clothes and purchase accessories like Snooki's Hair Wig and Pauly D's Hair Wig.  Whateva ya gotta do.

Fist pump like it's no one's biznass.