August 21, 2010

This is real: The KFC Skinwich

I'm going to vomit.  I can barely even bring myself to type up this blog entry, let alone ever take it upon myself to TRY this concoction.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is apparently testing a new kind of sandwich at select stores.  This "sandwich" ingredients are as follows:

  • Five layers of friend chicken skin
  • On a bun
  • With american cheese
  • And bacon
I mean, does that strike your fancy?  Does anyone see any sort of normalcy in this foodvention?  I'm repulsed.

KFC Skinwich
I'm really interested in speaking with someone who has eaten this before!  Please email me at if you've had the pleasure. 

Note: This may or may not be a hoax.  Some say yes, others, no.