September 2, 2010

Because it’s totally normal to have your four-year-old weigh 15 pounds

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I’m absolutely sickened by this story!  A four-year-old in Brooklyn who weighed only 15 pounds was found DEAD this morning, with her arms and legs tied to a crib with twine.

Does anyone see this as normal behavior of parentals?  The 30-year-old mother, Carlola Pierce said she checked on her daughter at 4am and she was fine – then checked again at 6am and found her unconscious.  What parent honestly gets up every two hours to check on a four-year-old?  And maybe she should have, at one time or another, “checked” on the fact that that her daughter weighs 15 pounds, no?

Nevertheless, Mommy of the Year waits until 7:30am to call the authorities.  The police said her living area was filthy. The baby, police said, had her limbs tied to the crib, trauma to her arms, ankles and wrists and an oxygen tank near the bed, which wasn’t connected to the child’s mouth.  Craziest part?  This MILF has two other kids.  Glad to hear it.

I HATE bad parents!